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We will be able to relinquish repetitive and dangerous work to machines and have secure access to digital services .
Steven Johnson , the prominent futurist and science author , said we are entering an era of exponential growth . food for all . 3D printing will make it possible for us to create artificial meat to meet our nutritional needs .
Our homes and offices will become zero-carbon buildings . Next-generation IoT technology will build adaptive home environments that understand our needs .
New energy vehicles will become the mobile ‘ third space ’. New aircraft will make emergency services more efficient , reduce the cost of medical supplies and change the way we commute .
Huawei expects the coming decades will be characterized by a golden age of collaboration between human and machine intelligence , and algorithms will enhance human intelligence with technology growing exponentially to the benefit of all of society .
The Intelligent World 2030 Forum is the first time that Huawei has systematically shared cuttingedge research and insights into the next decade . This sharing of knowledge will bring great value to social development , especially for global Digital Transformation and the digital economy .
The company believes imagination will determine how far we will go in the future , action will determine how quickly we will reach it and the best way to predict the future is to create it – with plenty of challenges to overcome on the road to the intelligent world .
“ We believe the greatest wisdom is found in shared ideas . Dreams are the key driver of social progress ,” said Wang . “ Moving towards the next decade , let ’ s work together to shape a better , intelligent world .”
Overview of the report : Outlooks for the intelligent world 2030
We will live a better life in 2030 , with more food , larger living spaces , renewable energy , digital services and no traffic . We will be able to relinquish repetitive and dangerous work to machines and have secure access to digital services . To meet these needs , we have set eight directions for exploration , including health , food , living and transportation .
In 2030 , we will be able to identify potential health problems by computing and modeling public health and medical data , shifting the focus from treatment to prevention . Precise medical solutions powered by IoT and AI will become a reality .
In addition to healthcare , food , living spaces and transportation , Huawei has also explored the future of cities , energy , enterprises and digital trust . Huawei looks forward to working with people to explore endless possibilities in 2030 .
Communications Network 2030
In the next decade , the objects and boundaries of network connectivity will continue to expand . By 2030 , as technologies such as XR , naked-eye 3D display , digital touch and digital smell develop further ‘ digital vision , digital touch and digital smell ’ will create an immersive and disruptive experience through nextgeneration networks .
At the same time , as networks evolve from connecting billions of people to hundreds of billions of things , network design will change from focusing on human cognition to machine cognition . We will see an emergence of multi-level computing infrastructure for hundreds of billions of things and massive data , as well as computing power networks that provide connectivity .
In addition , four future network scenarios will gradually become a reality . They are the networks that will deliver a consistent experience for homes , offices and vehicles , satellite broadband Internet , industrial Internet and computing power network .
As part of the intelligent world , the communications network of 2030 will evolve towards cubic broadband networks , deterministic experience , AI-native , HCS , security and trustworthiness , and green and lowcarbon networks . Huawei predicts that the total number of global connections will reach 200 billion by 2030 . At the same time , enterprise network access , home broadband access , and individual wireless access will exceed 10 Gbit / s , ushering in an era of 10 Gbit / s connectivity .
Computing 2030
In 2030 , vertical farms unaffected by climate will be applied on a large scale , so that we can provide green
By 2030 , the digital and physical worlds will be seamlessly converged , allowing people and
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