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Huawei , an international telecommunications company headquartered in China , has released its Intelligent World 2030 Report which provides insights into ICT technology and application trends in the next decade .

Huawei forecasts future tren Intelligent World 2030 Repo

Shenzhen , China Civic Center

Huawei , along with industry partners , has held the Intelligent World 2030 Forum . David Wang , Executive Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions of Huawei , released the Intelligent World 2030 Report with a keynote speech on ‘ Exploring the Intelligent World 2030 ’.

This is the first time that Huawei has used quantitative and qualitative methods to systematically describe the intelligent world in the next decade and forecast industry trends , helping industries identify new opportunities and discover new value .
Over the past three years , Huawei has conducted in-depth exchanges with more than 1,000 academics , customers and partners in the industry , organized more than 2,000 workshops , and drawn on data and methods from authoritative organizations , such as the United Nations , World Economic Forum and World Health Organization .
Huawei has derived insights from scientific journals such as Nature and IEEE and drawn wisdom from relevant industry associations and consulting firms , as well as experts within and outside Huawei . Through these efforts , Huawei has developed the Intelligent World 2030 Report , providing insights into ICT technology and application trends in the next decade .
The report proposes eight cross-disciplinary and cross-domain directions for exploration at the macro level . It explains how ICT technologies can solve critical problems and challenges of human development , and what new opportunities can be brought to organizations
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