Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 46

On job role changes
Customer experience has become much more of a focus for software companies across the board . Because SaaS has changed the commercial model , we have to keep winning customers again and again – there ’ s no more buying from a vendor once and then you never hear from them . That ’ s changed my role , and every role in the business , whether field facing or not . Over the next 12 months , I ’ ll be making sure what we deliver is really resonating with customers and generating positive outcomes .
On advice for those aspiring to be C-level
That doesn ’ t necessarily mean it ’ s harder or we ’ re behind – some countries in the region are at the forefront of new technology adoption .
What it does mean is that organizations need to put a lot of thought and processes in place to make sure all those different audiences are addressed , with messaging that ’ s relevant and specific to the challenges they face .
Focus on customers and their outcomes and breed a good internal culture : a culture that ’ s comprised of grit , determination , teamwork and common goals .
Whatever you say , do or deliver , make sure it ’ s meaningful and adds value somewhere , with a keen eye on the outcomes and aspirations of those who actually use it . Anyone who does those things will learn enough and attain enough and prove themselves enough to be able to aspire realistically to a C-level position . p
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