Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 45

On management philosophy
I ’ m a firm believer that the customer comes first , the company and the team second and self last .
That philosophy came courtesy of Jim Barksdale , the former Netscape CEO , and was re-enforced at MuleSoft via Greg Schott . From an inward facing perspective , culture is king and it ’ s something leadership and management need to do everything they can to nurture and protect .
That gets harder to do as you scale but hiring smart people who fit the culture and help it grow is the best way for an organization to continue to scale and to continue to do the right thing by its customers .
On the current hot technology talking point
Customer obsession and using digitization to embrace it has been around for a while – every organization is trying to do its utmost to understand their customers better and keep customers coming back – but we ’ re now seeing companies starting to go a step further ; focusing on the outcomes their customers are chasing .
Helping them to achieve those , rather than simply being satisfied if they buy your products and services , is where it ’ s at .
On major areas of investment
AI and Machine Learning are really starting to hit their straps , especially in the area of automation . More than 90 % of the data that exists in the world today was created in the last two years alone and everyone is trying to harness and embrace it to deliver better experiences and outcomes for their customers . The only way that ’ s achievable on a large scale is through AI and Machine Learning augmentation and automation .
On regional specific challenges
APAC is a very large area made up of lots of countries and cultures and languages .
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