Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 41

FEATURE : IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT function that simply allows or removes access to assets and resources . Identity control , or the invocation of access controls to confirm that someone is who they say they are ( authentication ), is doing what they are supposed to be doing ( authorization ) and has only what they are supposed to have in their given role ( approval ) is the solution space that CIOs should orient themselves toward .
By taking an identity-centric focus , by placing a human being in the center of our security architectures we can begin to truly secure not just identity , but every asset and resource that identity is connected to .
With an ever-expanding landscape of devices , data , applications , services and resources a CIO needs to evaluate whether an Identity and Access Management solution delivers on the single most important value-return for their investment ; a reduction in risk to the organization .
How will an Identity and Access Management solution impact on the work of a company ’ s employees ?
An Identity and Access Management solution aims to provide an exceptional user experience ensuring that employees can be more productive by enabling them to access the information they need , when they need it and from wherever they are in a simple , secure way . It enables organizations to provide a frictionless experience with the right balance of security together with the accessibility needs of a diverse workforce .
With easy-to-use sign-on , adaptive authentication and more , employees spend less time trying to access resources and more time getting work done . When secure , controlled Identity-as-a-Service is offered to the organization , companies can actually go faster and
Richard Bird , Chief Customer Information Officer , Ping Identity
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