Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 29

INFOGRAPHIC better customer experience , increasing operational efficiency and improving business analytics are the top three reasons companies in Singapore have accelerated the adoption of AI technologies .
• IT leaders make good CEO candidates in Singapore : The study revealed that the tech leadership team is heavily trusted to lead their company in the future . In fact , around 71 % of respondents believe that IT leaders are better equipped and qualified to assume the CEO mantle compared to those occupying roles in other departments like sales , marketing and finance .
• Work-from-home security concerns are a key driver for innovation : With 98 % of companies planning to support their remote workers for at least the next two years , the need to improve security is driving companies to adopt new technologies . The top three security initiatives implemented by companies are training employees , instilling more awareness among staff and adapting their security strategies .
“ Even as enterprises are pushed to accelerate their digital initiatives to rapidly transition to hybrid work , the need to offer a better customer experience and ensure operational efficiency has never been greater ,” said Gibu Mathew , Vice President and General Manager for the Asia Pacific at Zoho Corporation .
“ Business leaders understand that technologies such as AI and the cloud are vital to overcome future disruptions and achieve resiliency . As organizations continue to lean on IT to cope with the shift , we are committed to empowering and supporting our customers in navigating the everchanging landscape .” p
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