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ManageEngine survey reveals increased reliance on analytics in Singapore

Study shows use of AI and business analytics is growing rapidly to support data-driven decisions .

ManageEngine , the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation , has announced the results of its recent market study , the 2021 Digital Readiness Survey , finding that 94 % of businesses in Singapore increased their utilization of business analytics over the last two years .

The study results also show a significant rise in the adoption of technologies such as the cloud and Artificial Intelligence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic .
ManageEngine commissioned market research firm Dimensional Research to conduct the 2021 Digital Readiness Survey to understand the changing IT landscape and COVID-19 ’ s impact on businesses . A total of 1,210 IT executives and technology professionals from Singapore , India , North America , the United Kingdom , Australia and New Zealand were surveyed . In Singapore , 101 respondents from businesses with more than 500 employees across 16 industry verticals completed the survey .
The study revealed the following insights about Singapore :
• The rise in cloud adoption is driven by the need to support remote workers , continue IT operations and perform data-related processes such as storage and backup
• Growth in the utilization of AI has been influenced by the demand to provide a better customer
experience and improve operational efficiency
• Significant trust has been placed in the tech leadership team ’ s ability to lead their company into the future
• Security concerns remain high as cyberthreats , primarily phishing , malware and account hijacking , endanger employees working remotely
Key findings among Singaporean firms :
• Businesses are leveraging analytics to improve decision-making : For modern-day organizations , data is an invaluable asset . Almost 94 % of respondents in Singapore stated that their companies have increased the use of business analytics . Major drivers for the rise in the use of business analytics include the need to improve decision-making and better leverage the data available to the company .
• Increased adoption of cloud solutions : Enterprises in Singapore have accelerated the use of cloud solutions , such as Software-as-a-Service , Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a- Service . More than 86 % of respondents stated they have increased the adoption of the cloud as a result of the pandemic , and knowledge about the cloud ( both public and private ) was among the top skills learned during this period .
• Confidence in AI has increased in the last two years : Nearly 89 % of respondents stated that their company ’ s use of AI has increased in the last two years . The results of the survey show that providing a
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