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Barracuda ’ s third annual report has revealed cyberattacks are on the rise and highlights security is a major risk for businesses .

Barracuda has released its third-annual threat research report on ransomware which looks at ransomware attack patterns that occurred between August 2020 and July 2021 .

The report found that ransomware attacks have surged in 2021 , with the number of attacks increasing dramatically and ransom amounts continuing to skyrocket .
Cybercriminals are also expanding their targets , shifting their focus to critical infrastructure and evolving into deep-rooted software supply chain attack campaigns , which can cause long-lasting devastation .
The grim outlook for the future of ransomware leaves no one spared from financial damage or brandcrushing headlines . Ransomware criminals are penetrating the foundation of the digital economy , from trusted software vendors to IT service providers . Many
Attackers often start with small organisations that are connected to the larger targets and then work their way up .
of these attacks are being led by a handful of highprofile ransomware gangs .
Barracuda ’ s analysis of ransomware attacks that occurred between August 2020 and July 2021 showed that REvil accounted for 19 % of attacks and DarkSide is known to be the cause of 8 %.
Indeed , criminals have recently refined their tactics to create a double extortion scheme . They base their ransom demands on research they perform ahead of the attack . They steal sensitive data from their victims
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