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In the market for your next firewall ? How do you navigate the risks and opportunities cybersecurity presents to your organization ? How can you determine if the features of your new next-generation firewall are what your organization needs to grow and move forward ? The answer is simple : you test it . firewalls to determine if your potential security investments will be easy to implement , alleviate operational burdens , and offer your organization the best protection and value , today and in the future .

1 . Prevent Credential Theft
Security professionals agree that organizational security should not be approached with a one-size-fitsall mindset . Every organization has unique needs , and their security architectures should reflect that . Security tools , services , and features should be flexible enough to address these individual needs while remaining true to the capabilities advertised .
This paper discusses 10 points to consider and actively test in your current security infrastructure as well as your future next-generation firewall . Using these as guidelines for cross-functional conversations , you can widen the lens through which you view next-generation
Users and their credentials are among the weakest links in any organization ’ s security infrastructure . As such , the majority of breaches involve credential theft at some point in the attack lifecycle , and attacks based on credential theft have a high probability of success . The key to stopping them is preventing the theft in the first place .
Why Should You Consider and Test This Capability ?
Preventing credential theft and stopping phishing attacks will reduce exposure to one of the most prevalent forms of targeted attacks on organizations . p
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