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Kong introduces load balancing concept ZeroLB

Marco Palladino , CTO and Co-founder , Kong , added : “ Traditional load balancers were built for the monolithic era and don ’ t work well with today ’ s cloud-native applications because they are slow and create points of failure that cause businesses to lose customers and sales .

Kong has unveiled a new concept called

ZeroLB and a breakthrough pattern for load balancing .
ZeroLB is a modern , decentralized load balancing pattern that aims to remove every load balancer that is being deployed in front of individual services and applications . In this capacity , ZeroLB eliminates the need for elastic cloud load balancers , software load balancers and hardware load balancers from the equation .
Martin Casado , Co-founder , Nicira , said : “ ZeroLB is a fundamental concept to adopt in a decentralised world .”
“ I ’ m thrilled to be spearheading this effort at Kong to evangelise the ZeroLB movement , where legacy load balancing as we know it within the network is dead . Kong is introducing a new way of building load balancers for today ’ s modern era of software architectures by decentralising it .”
ZeroLB reduces costs , improves network performance by removing extra hops in the network , removes complexity in applications and gives access to more advanced selfhealing capabilities , while simultaneously maximizing portability across every environment and every cloud .

STARZPLAY provides tech infrastructure for Lionsgate Play India ’ s expansion into Asia

STARZPLAY , the region ’ s fastest-growing subscription video on demand ( SVOD ) service , has announced that it will provide tech infrastructure to support Lionsgate Play ’ s expansion into multiple countries in Asia .

This builds on the multi-year deal signed by STARZPLAY with Lionsgate Play India to provide end-to-end OTT infrastructure . An extension of this partnership and as part of the new long-term agreement , STARZPLAY will support in delivering a fully managed tech platform using its in-house technology to successfully launch the Lionsgate platform in Asia . STARZPLAY has a robust in-house tech infrastructure that will enable Lionsgate India in its B2C and B2B expansion into Asia .
Danny Bates , Chief Commercial Officer , STARZPLAY , said : “ The focus on providing tech platform for Lionsgate India , as it expands to Indonesia , marks the continued growth of our partnership . Our cutting-edge technology has been supporting Lionsgate Play in India and we will continue to deliver our in-house tech expertise to support the company as it expands to other markets . We are committed to bolstering the online video entertainment industry and partnering with a company sharing the same vision as ours helps to strengthen this ever-evolving dynamic industry .”
Amit Dhanuka , Executive Vice President , Lionsgate India , said : “ We are excited to continue our partnership with STARZPLAY as we expand our services across Asia . STARZPLAY ’ s tech platform solutions and support will be key to us as we expand Lionsgate Play operations across Asian markets .” p
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