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Mimecast launches AI-enabled solution to battle evasive email threats

Mimecast has announced the Mimecast

CyberGraph solution , a new add-on for Mimecast Secure Email Gateway ( SEG ) that is engineered to use Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to help detect sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks .
CyberGraph creates an identity graph which is built to store information about relationships between all senders and recipients . The graph is designed to detect anomalies and leverages Machine Learning technology to help organizations stay one step ahead of threat actors by alerting employees to potential cyberthreats .
Josh Douglas , VP , Product Management for Threat Intelligence , Mimecast , said : “ CyberGraph leverages our AI and Machine Learning technologies to help keep employees one step ahead with real-time warnings , directly at the point of risk . What makes this exciting is that we are embedding the technology for existing email security customers , they do not need to look for other vendors to fill the gap with technologies that only work to solve part of this challenge .”
The workplace is always the top target of cybercriminals , but in the remote working era , the problem has intensified .
CyberGraph includes three key capabilities engineered to help prevent cyberthreats :
• Renders embedded trackers useless
• Uses machine learning to protect from targeted email threats
• Engages users with contextual , dynamic warning

Nokia addresses network security as part of its 5G certification program

Nokia has announced a new professional level 5G course and certification aimed at network security .

The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course is part of Nokia ’ s program to train and certify industry professionals on
5G technology from network access to application management .
Geert Van Wauwe , Chief Security Officer , Nokia , said : “ 5G will empower new services and applications beyond our imagination . However , user acceptance will be based on trust that information has not been breached and services cannot be compromised . Therefore , the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course and certification are essential for educating professionals to a high level of understanding on how to build and operate secure 5G networks .”
Course participants will examine the role of 5G security in network , software and cloud environments and they will apply an understanding of security threats , protections and potential responses through a series of real-world case study exercises . The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program is a first-of-its-kind program that offers professionals across the information and communications technology industry two levels of certification – associate and professional – that deliver essential knowledge covering everything from the basics of 5G networks to professional level planning and design .
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