Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 58

CASE STUDY BEHIND THE SCENES, HENLEY IS ABLE TO ADD KEY WORDS TO LINK DOCUMENTS TO THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED THEM, IN ORDER TO MAXIMISE WORKFLOW EFFICIENCIES AND BRING THE MOST USEFUL INFORMATION TO THE RIGHT PERSON IN A TIMELY FASHION. right people, in the right systems, really effectively,” said Bree. Behind the scenes, Henley is able to add key words to link documents to the people who really need them, in order to maximise workflow efficiencies and bring the most useful information to the right person in a timely fashion. The company established that the number of documents being sent by email was rising both internally and externally. These attached files would often have 50MB or more data, which were often slow to open and caused bottlenecks on the organisation’s networks. Using OnBase, emails now link users directly to the relevant file and all associated information within that workflow. “Instead of leaving it up to the particular end-user – who can interpret information how they like and often put it in the wrong place – we now have a really defined set of keywords on documents, which makes workflows more efficient and means the right person accesses the information they require,” said Bree. Further to that, internal construction teams now have the ability to put all relevant documents in front of stakeholders through Henley’s construction interface, which are then accessible by teams working in the field. This takes place without the need for major synchronisation and ensures that team members are always opening the latest version of any document or image. These document and version-control benefits also flow on to the many trade suppliers that Henley works with. On the technical side, Henley has found working with OnBase to be an intuitive and relatively easy experience. “OnBase as a solution has a lot of benefits in the way that we can roll it out. We are able to use internal resources to build a number of workflows and solutions. When it becomes more technical, we can rely on Hyland to support us,” said Bree. Henley has integrated OnBase with its proprietary construction app, which allows photos to be uploaded and indexed correctly straight into OnBase. Employees no longer take photos and email them – they are instead uploaded directly through the interface and straight into OnBase. These images are used for warranties, as well as interfacing with customers on 58 INTELLIGENTCIO