Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 46

CIOopinion “ AS A RESULT . . . VPN USAGE HAS BEEN IN GREAT DEMAND. d. Support. We changed our support model globally to have people provide support from their homes (including our 24/7/365 Global Service Desk), while using remote tools and daily status check to ensure no impact on results and support levels. How well was this working? We checked. Customer satisfaction surveys showed an improved satisfaction. There was no impact on tickets and SLAs; no extra backlogs. During the move from standard model to WFH we registered zero downtime and service unavailability. 4. Security. In the era of distributed access, security at the periphery becomes a priority. We’ve ramped up the capacity and capabilities to deal with the increased remote user traffic. 5. Collaboration. For companies whose daily bread is innovation, working in teams is paramount. Innovation is at its best when it’s collaborative. We encouraged work meetings via WebEx and Microsoft Teams, registering an unprecedented growth in online collaborations at over 200%. These practices are working. We are hearing from cloud and other big tech customers that they are having to scale up, out and across core-to-edge locations in order to support the demand from work-from-home workers. Thanks to flexing our data management, our factories have been able to meet the growing demand. We hear from many managers that productivity has actually gone up since the vast majority of us began to work from home. A smart orchestration of data’s flow and its use means we can put our data to work for us-sending it places in our stead. In doing so, we can do our small part to better support the laudable heroes on the front lines of the pandemic – sanitation workers, grocery stockers, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists and many others. • 46 INTELLIGENTCIO