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The cost savings and efficiency benefits from the implementation of SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud has given Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp the opportunity to invest this into other aspects of the business .
By keeping the core clean through standardised processes for aspects such as finance , administration and procurement , this implementation allows Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp to focus time and resources on higher-value activities .
SAP S / 4HANA is enabling Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp to add solutions , from sensors in the field measuring moisture content to improving warehousing . This creates significant business benefits for Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp and allows the business to focus on the future . Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp has also set out to relook at the entire process of innovation across the business . ethanol to running estates and roads in our villages ,” says Coombe .
Innovation and teamwork
Cameron Beveridge , Regional Director for Southern Africa at SAP
Benefits of agility
As the manufacturer moves into new products and markets , Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp is able to rapidly mobilise new processes and responses from the SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud . Coombe believes the new technology platform will support the company ’ s business strategy by unlocking greater agility , costefficiency and innovation capability .
“ SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud deployment drives greater efficiency across the business by allowing us to leverage best-practice standards to keep processes running smoothly while unlocking cost savings . The power and scalability of the platform can also support businesses as we enter new product segments and markets . This allows us to rapidly bring new processes and business capabilities online , he adds .”
The modern cloud architecture offered by SAP S / 4HANA allows Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp to activate new processes and capabilities when needed , as well as scale down underutilised processes . This is helping to drive efficiencies across every facet of business , unlocking value along the way .
Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp is now using SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud system to run everything from schools to roads to refuse to sugarcane production . The manufacturer is making extensive use of SAP technologies to run end-to-end business processes , including SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud , SAP Analytics Cloud , SAP Intelligent Agriculture , and SAP SuccessFactors .
“ Using new SAP capabilities , we can support every part of our business , from the production of sugar and
The availability and access to analytics for processes such as sales , finance and purchasing has made the implementation of SAP S / 4HANA exciting . Analytics are available to everyone without having to first contact IT , which has created excitement in the business around the S / 4HANA journey .
“ After only a few weeks , we have seen excitement among our employees over the possibilities offered by the new SAP platform . It has brought energy to the IT department that has spilled over to the rest of the business as users become more aware of what the platform offers ,” says Coombe .
With this excitement and to encourage the team to seek opportunities from innovation , Coombe has instituted a free Friday where IT teams are encouraged to explore the SAP Business Technology Platform and find novel solutions to common business problems . SAP ’ s global strategy is to help every business run as an intelligent , sustainable enterprise .
Cameron Beveridge , Regional Director for Southern Africa at SAP , lauds the use of technology and best-practices to drive innovation and efficiency across Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation ’ s business . “ The world ’ s leading companies leverage technology to support ambitious business strategies , empowering every layer of the organisation with powerful new capabilities .”
Innovation remains a key part of Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation ’ s strategic business goals . With Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation ’ s utilisation of SAP ’ s S / 4HANA Public Cloud platform , the business can move forward into the next phase of its business growth and innovation journey . p
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