Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 72 | Page 35

Biju Unni , Vice President , Cloud Box Technologies , said there was a lot of hype with regards to Big Data , AI becoming more visible and vital during 2022 and shaping the way forward . However , it did not happen anywhere near expectations . “ Possibly , 2023 could be different , but we do see that nobody is holding their breath . We expect 2023 to continue and expand on the trends prevailing in the latter half of 2022 . This has mainly to do with security and Digital Transformation . Cloud will continue to prosper and the majors like Amazon , Microsoft would be adding and streamlining more services continuously altering the cloud makeup . AI along with Robotics and Machine Learning would definitely have space and traction without becoming a critical trend ,” Unni said .
Fred Crehan , Area Vice President , Emerging Markets at Confluent , said as businesses brace for a bumpy ride in 2023 , they will find that technologies that drive efficiencies and enhance experiences for customers and employees will enable them to succeed despite market conditions .
Walid Yehia , Senior Director and General Manager – UAE , Dell Technologies
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