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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO Africa . Immuta recently announced the findings of its third annual State of Data Engineering Survey , which highlights the top data engineering challenges and blind spots as organisations strive to become more data driven . The findings show the tangible impacts of these challenges , including the fact that 89 % of organisations report missing business opportunities because of data access bottlenecks . The survey canvassed 600 data practitioners across the US and EMEA , representing a variety of public and private sector companies .

In this regard , we continue to cover articles in this edition of the magazine that address the issue of Big Data and the need for organisations to be data driven in their dayto-day business operations and decision making .
Gracing the cover of this month ’ s edition is Morné van Heerden , Group CIO , Alviva Holdings , who explains what is helping drive the company ’ s hybrid cloud plan and enhancing its multi-cloud strategy .
“ As a centralised IT business , Alviva recovers our IT costs from the subsidiaries we service . But , because we are in IT , what we offer the business must be more strategic , operational , and cost-effective ,” says Van Heerden . significantly in a relatively short time , resulting in a cornucopia of legacy systems , infrastructure and platforms that were unable to interact with each other . The biggest threat to the business was that it had no official Disaster Recovery solution or offsite backup . This was a huge risk , not only from a compliance aspect , but also from a Business Continuity point of view .” You can read more by turning to page 50 .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we look at the enterprise technology outlook for 2023 and highlight some key trends CIOs should lookout for this year . You will find this feature on page 34 .
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Among the many insights , Van Heerden shares that : “ Fuelled by its acquisitive nature , Alviva grew
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