Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 72 | Page 48

Abed Hamandi , Senior Director , Professional Services – Emerging
EMEA – SAS approximately 160 to 180 zettabytes ( ZB ) by 2025 . As Edge Computing becomes more important than ever , it is estimated that close to 30 % of the world ’ s data will be processed on the Edge .
“ Also , according to the Mckinsey report ; today , only a fraction of the data from connected devices is ingested , processed , queried , and analysed in realtime due to the limits of legacy technology structures , the challenges of adopting more modern architectural elements , and the high computational demands of intensive , real-time processing jobs . Moreover , Big
Data today is changing to small as well , so we may need to accrue to it ,” he noted .
Mitra said companies often must choose between speed and computational intensity , which can delay more sophisticated analyses and inhibit the implementation of real-time use cases . However , he added , this will change in the near future as data generated , processed , analysed , and visualised for end-users is dramatically transformed by new and more ubiquitous technologies , such as kappa or lambda architectures for real-time analysis , leading to faster and more powerful insights . p
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