Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 70 - Page 35

FEATURE : DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY the growing investments by global and regional technology providers within the wider MEA region has fast forwarded the Digital Transformation initiatives and innovation journey of the organisations . “ Investments by global cloud services providers in the region , for example , has dramatically changed the way businesses use to look at cloud almost five years before . Similarly , national strategies around the use of AI , Blockchain and data analytics for many Middle East countries including UAE , Saudi Arabia and Qatar are testimony of the forward looking and digital economy . COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the ongoing adoption of such disruptive technologies . “ Organisations that never thought of transforming their operations , and modernise their traditional businesses had no choice but to embrace these innovative technologies to ensure business continuity during such difficult times . Many such organisations have drastically increased their IT budget on such technologies which once they thought was a temporary shift .
Manish Ranjan , Senior Program Manager – Software and Cloud , IDC MEA
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