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Kaspersky announces new and reimagined consumer product portfolio day in 2021 , reflecting a growth of 20,000 files per day compared to 2020 . There are also new types of threats continuing to emerge : from advanced stealers targeting the accounts of popular online gaming platforms or cryptowallets , to stalkerware that enables a perpetrator to secretly spy on another person ’ s private life via a mobile device .

Kaspersky has announced availability of its new , simplified consumer solutions portfolio , available on a subscription basis . Along with a new range of brand names , the reinvented product line brings an enhanced user interface and experience across multiple platforms . It also introduces a variety of features covering each category of contemporary consumer protection : security , privacy , performance and identity .

Kaspersky detection systems discovered an average of 380,000 new malicious files per
Mikhail Gerber , Executive Vice President , Consumer Business , Kaspersky , said : “ We want our customers to see our offering for what it really is . It isn ’ t just a PC antivirus solution , it ’ s a comprehensive ecosystem of security services for any platform and device , serving any user need . We have revamped the entire structure of the product interface as well as the overall experience for our users to help them understand and appreciate the scope and level of protection we ’ re offering across security , performance , privacy and identity .”

Megmar to deploy PowerX AI to cut greenhouse emissions and costs at 100 Angolan cell tower sites

At TowerXchange , PowerX Technology , an AI platform which optimises tower infrastructure performance ; and Megmar Holdings , the telecoms infrastructure solutions provider , announced the first stage roll-out of breakthrough technology for telecom tower operators .

The solution promises to lower costs and greenhouse emissions from cell towers in rural Angola .
“ Megmar ’ s expert local market knowledge , energy and openness enabled us to work closely together to calibrate the PowerX AI ,” said Justin Head , CEO at PowerX . “ Together , we have built a solution to meet its clients ’ financial and environmental objectives in a way that no other solution could . We are now managing the load and energy requirements of the tower site without human interaction , in real time – it ’ s a radical new way of doing things .”
“ Managing and maintaining cell towers in Africa is a complex and unpredictable task ,” said Andre Herbst , CEO of Megmar . “ When things go wrong on a site , which they eventually will , an engineer must often travel far to remote locations over rugged terrain in burning heat . Properly diagnosing the problem can often only be done on-site , so the engineer might not even have all the right kit in their truck .
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