Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 70 | Page 38

When a company can consume IT on an as-needed basis via an As-a-Service model , it ’ s easier to track which projects are or aren ’ t working according to plan .
Monique Watson , Dell Financial Services , Dell Technologies South Africa

Four ways an As-a-Service approach accelerates business speed

Monique Watson , Dell Financial Services , Dell Technologies South Africa , explains the benefits of an As-a-Service model and outlines four ways why businesses are increasingly taking an ‘ everything-as-a-service ’ approach to IT .

Digital technology drives nearly all aspects of business and our daily lives . Over the past 18 months we ’ ve also witnessed the important role technology plays in enabling businesses to innovate and grow by adapting to rapidly changing market conditions .

However , just as we see advancements like restaurants implementing QR codes for menus and payment as well as hospitals offering more telehealth options , so companies must address the challenge of increasing infrastructure complexity . Moving forward , how organisations manage their IT infrastructure will be as important as the modern systems that power it .
Businesses are increasingly taking an ‘ everything- Asa-Service ’ approach to IT . The benefits of an As-a- Service model are clear : increased IT team agility , simplified Digital Transformation and decreased lowvalue IT work .
IDC predicts that by 2024 more than 75 % of infrastructure and applications and more than half of data centre infrastructure will be consumed As-a- Service , thus striking the right balance of CAPEX and OPEX to run an agile business .
In today ’ s cloud computing era , there are numerous reasons to take an As-a-Service approach in any company ’ s modernisation efforts .
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