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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO Africa . Delinea , a provider of privileged access management ( PAM ) solutions for seamless security , recently announced findings from a global survey of 2,100 IT Security Decision Makers ( ITSDMs ) which revealed that 60 % of respondents believe their overall security strategy does not keep pace with the threat landscape and that they are either lagging behind ( 20 %), treading water ( 13 %) or merely running to keep up ( 27 %).

Among the many insights , Goosen shares that : “ We had been victims of a ransomware attack that had encrypted all our data , which then required us to completely rebuild our servers and redeploy from backups . We had to format the servers , reload the operating system and software , physically obtain the backups from storage , and then manually restore the data . The entire process took nearly three days , and we were completely offline for the duration .” You can read more by turning to page 50 .
Conducted in more than 20 countries , the research polled attitudes towards identity security and the protection of privileged identities .
In this regard , we continue to cover articles in this edition of the magazine that address the issue of security identity and how CIOs are helping their organisations to not lag behind .
Gracing the cover of this month ’ s edition is Hans Goosen , IT Manager , BidAir Cargo , who explains how the company worked with Data Management Professionals South Africa to streamline its Disaster Recovery strategy .
“ The backup system we inherited backed up our physical server on site to a NAS device , and from there the backup was manually replicated on to hard drives that were then placed into rugged cases and physically shipped off to Metrofile on a daily basis ,” explains Goosen .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we look at why CIOs in Africa are making Machine Learning a central part of business operations . You will find this feature on page 34 .
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