Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 67 - Page 35

FEATURE : SKILLS & TRAINING into the agenda and embraced naturally into the work week of each employee . We have a very strong NetApp University organisation that is responsible for training and development within the company . There is a mix between mandatory and optional courses that offer the possibility to develop further . On top , we offer the LinkedIn Learning programme to all employees .”
At Tech Mahindra , Harshvendra Soin- Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing , said the pandemic has accelerated Digital Transformation projects for businesses , leading to an increased demand for professional ’ s adept in digital or niche technologies .
“ Our biggest focus for fiscal year 2022 is on building skills and keeping our talent pool brimming with new-age technologies . We continue to hire in focused verticals like Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Internet of Things ( IoT ), cybersecurity , deep tech , and space tech , among others , and strengthen our leadership for the technology sector as well . We have introduced several employeeengagement initiatives to encourage our employees to upskill and once they get deployed on projects requiring niche skills , they benefit financially as well ,” Soin said .
Harshvendra Soin- Global Chief People Officer & Head of Marketing , Tech Mahindra
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