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Keep anti-virus and malware software updated
Up-to-date anti-virus and malware software can help catch and eliminate the most common ransomware payloads . Like any software it needs frequent updates , but if used correctly it can keep your business ’ systems clean with minimal downtime and interruptions .
Have a secure backup ready
If protections happen to fail and a business finds itself dealing with a ransomware attack , one can gain access to a system again by restoring it from a secure and reliable backup , saving the business from downtime , data loss and an often-expensive ransom .
Veeam ’ s ransomware protection , for example , can restore a business ’ data and system while adhering to compliance standards , with real time updates and alerts . Before restoring the system , the backup scans files for malware and provides flexible storage options for a range of files .
Ransomware attacks are much more a possibility than they used to be but they don ’ t have to cost the business significant portions of its profits . With the right cybersecurity infrastructure and training in place , companies can sufficiently prepare and defend themselves against these breaches moving forward . p
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