Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 67 - Page 23

INFOGRAPHIC important to business outcomes , yet even more frequently overlooked . Only by careful orchestration of these components can companies deliver a quality “ moment of service ” in which everything comes together to create a positive result for a customer .
However , while 79 % of businesses have invested time and resources in identifying where these inflection points are , when problems are identified nearly a third of managers ( 29 %) admitted to reporting them but not taking action . Furthermore , some 18 % revealed they were too busy to report issues unless urgent , while just 15 % said they proactively look to pre-empt problems . This begs the question of how companies can expect customer experience and loyalty to improve without taking necessary action , leaving revenue and market share on the table .
“ When it comes to delivering a positive customer experience , businesses have a limited opportunity to get it right . And if they neglect a single inflection point , they are gambling with their outcomes , including profits and margins ,” said Michael Ouissi , Chief Customer Officer , IFS . “ There are many points where you can either delight or disappoint a customer across the value chain and it is clear from these findings that consumers are willing to voice their opinions either way . As more and more businesses look to service provision as a key competitive differentiator , running the right enterprise software – engineered for the moment of service and capable of orchestrating a multitude of people , assets and customers – will separate the winners from the losers . To achieve this , enterprises must rethink how they architect their operations and become a ‘ composable enterprise ’ that harnesses a combination of packaged functions and technologies to deliver outcomes and adapts to the pace of business .”
For enterprises that fail at the moment of service , the financial ramifications are significant . A quarter of consumer respondents stated they would never engage with a brand again after just one bad experience , while over half ( 52 %) would abandon a company after two to three . p
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