Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 75

Governments throughout the Middle East have been launching incentives to drive Digital Transformation forward , with the ultimate aim of accelerating economic diversification , encouraging sustainability and increasing the satisfaction level among citizens . For example , national platforms , apps and payment methods have been developed by different governments to share information and enhance the accessibility of resources for inhabitants .
Digital Transformation . Today , the outlook on the data centre market is optimistic due to skyrocketing data usage . Unsurprisingly , given the on-going popularity of streaming services as well as virtual collaboration tools and remote working , record demands for data centres in the last two years were noted .
The top data centres , which are the major operators and providers of data centre space globally , saw a
Generally , the current digital programmes of Middle Eastern countries are supported by technologies such as robotics , the Internet of Things , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and the cloud , which are all reliant on dependable data centre solutions to support their excessive workloads .
Data centres and Digital Transformation
Given that data centres are a much-needed part of the process for all the newly created data , it makes sense to call them the steppingstone to the success of the
It has been estimated that every 20 % increase in information and communications technology ( ICT ) investment results in over 1 % growth in a country ’ s gross domestic product .
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