Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 46


Designing intelligent connectivity

Rapid growth in data use is also placing strain on existing Wi-Fi networks . High-bandwidth applications , such as 4K UHDTV , augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming widely used in education , enterprise and healthcare sector . Industry pundits share insights with Intelligent CIO Africa on why Wi-Fi deployments on the continent are meeting the emerging technologies requirements .

It has taken less than two decades for Wi-Fi to become a ubiquitous aspect of modern enterprise organisations , with customers and employees alike expecting easy access to fast and reliable networks . So , when the Wi-Fi network fails them , not only is this embarrassing for the network provider , but it also leads to lost productivity and sales .

As enterprise organisations accelerate their Digital Transformation initiatives in Africa , the pressure to invest in latest-generation wireless network technology is growing – not only to meet today ’ s expectations , but to ensure that wireless networks can also flex and evolve to meet emerging requirements .
Ali Benhaddou , Regional Services Leader , Alcatel- Lucent Enterprise , said Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-tohave , but a business necessity and expectations of what it can deliver and how easy it should be to use for mobility , are being continuously redefined .
“ The deployment complexity comes from the multiple aspects involved in building a reliable Wi-Fi solution . The first challenge is related to addressing the individual needs of the business and implementing a scalable design providing high speed connectivity with optimal radio coverage built on the latest technologies , insuring the right performance and high availability ,” he said .
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