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FEATURE : MACHINE LEARNING e4 ’ s Tucker said taking the organisation on a journey with the CIO together with the entire IT team makes these more likely , but it is never a given that everyone is going to buy into a Machine Learning solution .
Ramamoorthy said given that Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence , introducing AI in a staggered manner would help better understanding of the advantages and pitfalls that AI has to offer .
“ Most CIOs will have the challenge of retrofitting AI into business systems that have existed over decades . Having an explainable AI model would offer further easing on the transition into Machine Learning ,” he said .
Michael Cade , Senior Global Technologist , Veeam , believes that demonstrating the value of these systems is paramount , as is understanding the strategic advantage of improving business performance by complementing human intelligence .
“ Reliability and automation , underpinned by robust and secure software , provide a very compelling case ,” he said .
Tony Nkuna , Solutions Consultant , TechSoft International , said that Machine Learning is much a technology fit as it is a business vision fit .
like Gartner , IDC and Forrester have to say about who are the leaders and who have the capabilities you are looking for from a Machine Learning system ,” he said . When it comes to cybersecurity , time is a crucial element as it is important for the security measures to work faster to keep pace with the hackers and all kinds of cybersecurity threats .
Ashley Lawrence , Regional Sales Senior Manager , Africa and Israel , SonicWall , said : “ This is exactly where AI and Machine Learning-based tools really excel . To deal with the cybersecurity threats of the future , businesses need to embrace AI and Machine Learningbased tools and security mechanisms . They also need to have a solid understanding of how Machine Learning-based algorithms work and how they can enhance security .”
Mohammad Jamal Tabbara , Senior Solutions Architect , Infoblox , added that Machine Learning can help enterprises in multiple aspects of the business processes , whether directly or indirectly by adding agility , precision and intelligence .
He said enterprises with Machine Learning embedded in their decision-making processes have an advantage against their competition relying on traditional technologies .
According to Nkuna , Machine Learning only works when it is married with the future view of the organisation .
“ As a CIO , you need to look at the value of advanced analytics and how Machine Learning enables this to extend or promote capabilities in your business . Because it is a relatively new technology , I would suggest companies look at what the research giants
Given the impact AI technology is having as it continues to be widely deployed within organisations in MEA and globally , it can only mean that Machine Learning technology will start seeing enterprise-wide momentum and will integrate with other processes , tools and applications to tackle bigger problems , introduce game changing capabilities and accelerate a wave of transformation in both consumer , public service and enterprise arenas . p
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