Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 30

TALKING business

TALKING business


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Cash is still king . . . but not for much longer

At the outset , the biggest challenges to financial inclusion remain access , trust and education . These aren ’ t standalone themes . Rather , they are interwoven strands of a very powerful rope that can be used to construct the bridge over the digital divide . Once the three strands are solid , it allows customers to take control of their own destiny and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy . While FinTech is continually evolving , there are a few prominent themes that have underpinned its immense growth and success over the past few years , and which will remain important in 2022 . Andy Jury , CEO , Mukuru , believes that there are varying degrees of denial about the truth that cash won ’ t be king forever and that the concept of digital inclusion is here to stay .
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