Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 23

It seems that IT managers are trying to appear better prepared than they are ; but that is , in turn , misleading their managers , boards of directors , industry analysts and customers .
However , if the overwhelming majority of IT managers indeed have these solutions , they aren ’ t using them right : they have simply stocked their IT stacks with all of the recommended cybersecurity technologies – spending more money in vain .
The findings prove that organisations are spending more on IT security this year , but when we compare it to their overall IT budget , it becomes clear – organisations are still treating cyber protection as a “ nice-to-have ” not as a “ must-have ”:
– proving that IT managers , like IT users , get stuck in their ways . According to our research , 86 % of organisations globally are also concerned about the threat of increasing politically-driven cyberattacks caused by the worsening geopolitical climate – but their concern does not translate into improvements to their cyber protection .
Half of organisations globally allocate less than 10 % of their overall IT budget on IT security .
Only 23 % of organisations globally are investing over 15 % of their overall IT budget in security – even despite the increasingly threatening cyber landscape .
Pandemic-driven spike in awareness proves temporary
Frequent backups that were fuelled by the shift to remote work are over : a third of IT managers only back up weekly , while another 25 % back up monthly . Use of backup best practices is declining across the board — only 15 % of organisations ’ IT teams adhere to them .
Same as last year , 10 % of IT managers still aren ’ t sure if their company is subject to any data privacy regulations
Bottom line , the outdated approaches that professional IT teams have relied on for years are now actively failing them . A comprehensive , easy-to-follow approach is essential to achieving a more reliable , holistic protection for data , applications and systems – one that combines cybersecurity , data protection and management into one solution . p
As the entire world is increasingly at risk from different types of attacks , accelerating to universal all-in-one solutions is the only way to achieve truly complete cyber protection .
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