Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 16


Download whitepaper here wWho is this guide for ?

This guide is for web application security managers who are in the process of selecting a new web application security solution . However , it will also be useful to everyone else involved in selecting solutions to secure websites , web applications , and APIs .


Why do you need it ?
We highlighted the features that we believe you should pay attention to when you evaluate solutions . While you likely have selection criteria of your own , please treat this guide as a handy reminder about things that you might want to have on your list .
What can you evaluate ?
This guide covers primarily dynamic application security testing ( DAST ) solutions for web applications . However , if you are looking at web application security testing tools in general , our guide can help you decide which class of solutions is best for you .
How and when to use it ?
Go through the steps and the checklist presented in this guide to see if your web application security solution evaluation criteria might be missing something . We ’ ve also provided tips on finding details that can confirm if the software you are considering meets your criteria . p
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