Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 64 - Page 12


Telecel Group announces the acquisition of Mattel Mauritania through its 4G and fibre optic infrastructures deployed in the main cities of the country .

Mattel holds nearly 33 % market share and in 21 years of existence , it has constantly modernised its network thanks to the latest generation of technical equipment and the knowhow of its engineers .
Telecel is mobile operator present in Africa since 1986 . The group plans to invest more than US $ 700 million over the next three years , mainly in mobile operator acquisitions , fibre optic infrastructure construction and infrastructure .

Tunisie Telecom , BSA telecommunication and COMATEL have announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with the company TELECEL Group for the sale of 100 % of the shares of the company Mauritano-Tunisienne des Télécommunications ( Mattel ).

Mattel is the first mobile operator in Mauritania to have launched the GSM service . Since its creation on May 11 , 2000 , Mattel is a major player in the ICT sector and Digital Transformation in Mauritania . The telco plays an essential role in the development of broadband in Mauritania
Mattel Shareholders declared in a statement that : “ After a competitive process , we are pleased to announce that Telecel Group has been selected for the sale transaction of Mattel ’ s shares . We are satisfied with the interactions with Telecel Group and remain confident for the rest of the process .”

Sasai Remit and Qoki Zindlovukazi partner to introduce a faster cross border payment channel

Sasai Remit , one of Africa ’ s leading digital money transfer providers and a business of Cassava Technologies , a pan- African technology group , have announced a partnership with Qoki Zindlovukazi , a UK-based women ’ s networking and empowerment organisation . The partnership has enabled both organisations to empower thousands of Zimbabweans to use a safe and secure FinTech platform to seamlessly transfer funds to family and friends in South Africa and Zimbabwe .

Darlington Mandivenga , CEO , Sasai Fintech , said : “ We want to introduce our convenient and inclusive transfer service to more users , and we are excited to partner with Qoki as an initiative that will help us realise this objective . This partnership is a testament to our continued commitment to bringing a safer and more accessible platform to people working across the world to send money back to their loved ones or invest in their home countries .”
The partnership is expected to facilitate faster , simpler and secure cross-border payments for Qoki members when sending money and making payments to Zimbabwe or South Africa .
Sithule Tshuma , Founded , Qoki , said : “ The partnership with Sasai Remit makes it easy for our members living in different countries abroad to send money to their families . They don ’ t have to wait for hours in the agency offices anymore because the mobile application makes the transfer instantly .”
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