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Kapil Lodha , Digital Transformation Director & Head , Strategic Account Management , Ciklum
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Kapil Lodha , Digital Transformation Director & Head , Strategic Account Management , Ciklum

wWhat would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?

My most memorable achievement has been converting a negative perception of my team into a positive and upbeat one . A few years ago , as part of a significant business deal at a Fortune 500 company , my more than 30 member team faced stiff challenges from senior stakeholders and was at a breaking point . I intervened before it was too late , worked through the problem and arrived at a solution by taking into account the team ’ s collective wisdom and behaviours . As a cohesive unit , we ensured more that 75 deliverables / outcomes across the globe were delivered seamlessly , with complete transparency to the senior stakeholders . The process resulted in us regaining their trust in a span of a few days . Furthermore , it created fantastic , new ways of working , a sense of belongingness across the team and instilled cultural ethos all around . It has been a while , however , the goodwill this turnaround created is still cited as an exemplar for others to follow in the company .
What first made you think of a career in technology ?
It transpired by sheer coincidence . I wanted either to take up medicine or become a professional sports
player . However , one of the universities invited me to join their IT course and before I knew it , I started to enjoy being in proximity with technology and the opportunities it presented . This IT enjoyment that started from the nascent stages of my career is continuing and becoming stronger with each passing day . Technology is much more accessible and affordable now than ever before – just look around us , it is omnipresent !
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
My philosophy is to strike an optimal balance across the board . Whether it is work or family , autonomy or prescribed , remote working or office , team meetings
What sets our business apart is the acceptance of these complexities and challenges , while finding ways to provide value-added delivery at every step of organisational and transformational change .
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