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Africa Data Centres unveils new 10MW data centre in Lagos

Africa Data Centres , the largest network of interconnected , carrierand cloud-neutral data centre facilities on the continent , has announced that it has officially opened its new 10MW data centre facility in Lagos , Nigeria .

The new facility , the company said , will pave the way for Africa Data Centres hyperscale customers to deploy digitisation solutions to West Africa .
Stephane Duproz , CEO , Africa Data Centres , said Nigeria as one of the company ’ s key markets as there is a rapidly-growing demand for data centres in the region , which is hungry for digitisation , as organisations of every type and size in Africa accelerate their Digital Transformation journeys .
Duproz said as part of the recently launched Cassava Technologies group , Africa Data Centres plays a critical role when it comes to providing this very digital infrastructure that is needed to support the mass adoption of digital services for consumers and businesses in the region . services , apps , broadband , cloud technologies , and more , all of which are seeing data demand skyrocket .”
This latest announcement follows hard on the heels of Africa Data Centres recently announced , major data centre expansion plans that will see the company building hyperscale data centres throughout Africa .
“ These plans are the greatest Africa has ever seen . They will see us build some ten interconnected , cloud- and carrier-neutral data centres across the length and breadth of the continent , in an unmatched US $ 500m investment in Africa ’ digital transformation , which will double our already significant investment in the continent ,” he added .
According to Duproz the Lagos facility will be the de facto hub for Africa Data Centres in West African . “ We built this facility in response to the massive demand from hyperscalers , key cloud operators and multi-national enterprises that already use our facilities and have expressed interest in being a part of bringing digitisation at scale to West Africa . As the unquestioned leaders in data centre operations in Africa , we were the clear choice as partners in their expansion strategies .”
Duproz said the Nigerian data centres were part of a continental network of data centres being rolled out in all the key cities of Africa .
However , Duproz stresses that there will be no question of sacrificing the environment to carry out the company ’ s ambitious digitisation plans . “ This is a trade-off Africa Data Centres is simply not even prepared to entertain . Our strategy is all about empowering and uplifting Africa ’ s citizens , protecting the environment , and uplifting the economy .”
He said this latest Nigerian facility will boost the economy through job creation , as digitisation is known to create job opportunities across a slew of industries . p
Duproz also announced that the new facility is the first of four faculties being earmarked for Nigeria , adding that the company has plans to also build an additional facility in Lagos at a separate location to ensure full disaster backup , whilst Abuja , and Port Harcourt will also get their own facilities .
Duproz added that the Lagos operations is a significant milestone for Africa Data Centres , as it shines the spotlight on the tremendous growth opportunity the company sees not only for its business in the region but for Africa as a whole .
“ Africa Data Centre is witnessing an unprecedented demand for FinTech
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