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Siemon demonstrates singlepair Ethernet over 400 metres of balanced twisted pair copper cabling

Siemon , a global network infrastructure specialist , has successfully demonstrated operation of 10BASE- T1L Single-Pair Ethernet ( SPE ) over 400 metres of category 7A TERA balanced twisted pair copper cabling .

Siemon ’ s fully shielded TERA SPE solution is the first 23 AWG balanced twisted-pair copper cabling system proven to support 10BASE-T1L over distances of up to 400 metres for operational technology ( OT ) and 10 Mb / s enterprise IT applications . This is a milestone step in confirming SPE ’ s ability to bring Ethernet network compatibility , including operation over a standardised , non-proprietary cabling infrastructure , to a wide range of OT devices operating at 10Mb / s or less .
More than 50 billion IoT / IIoT devices are expected to be connected to networks by 2025 and many of them will be low-speed OT devices such as sensors , actuators and relays commonly used in building automation and industrial applications . Traditional 4-pair Ethernet connectivity used for networking
John Siemon , CTO and Vice President , Operations , Siemon devices like wireless access points and surveillance cameras is cost-prohibitive for these OT device connections . Single-Pair Ethernet supporting 10 Mb / s transmission over balanced single-pair cabling delivers reliable power and data to these devices .
In Siemon ’ s demonstration , SPE was deployed to administer a basic access control system consisting of magnetic door locks responding to inputs from localised inputs like card readers and remotely managed control functions . For a detailed video overview visit : https :// go . siemon . com / spe-video
Since SPE-enabled end-device and system development is in the pre-market stage , media conversion boards supplied by Analog Devices Inc , were used in the evaluation to convert controller and end device 10BASE-T TCP / IP output signals to 10BASE-T1L . SPE system operation was successfully demonstrated over 400 metres of a one-pair channel constructed from Siemon category 7A cable and four Siemon TERA connectors . All Siemon connectors , cords and cables in the SPE channel are commercially available with an installed base of millions of connections .
“ It ’ s easy to specify new TERA permanent links that are capable of supporting both future IT and OT device connections over 400-metre distances ,” said John Siemon , CTO and Vice President , Operations , Siemon . “ Because the Siemon TERA SPE cabling system is fully-shielded , it has the advantage of supporting up to four unique SPE applications and controllers over a single four-pair standards compliant structured cabling channel – an ability that ’ s referred to as ‘ cable sharing .’ Cable sharing saves material cost and more efficiently utilises pathway space compared to deploying four SPE applications over four individual one-pair cables .” p
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