Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 60 - Page 36

Marilyn Moodley , Country Leader , South Africa and
WECA , SoftwareONE that help them create , manage and improve rich digital experiences , using data driven insights and low-code / no-code capabilities .”
Sahem Azzam , VP Middle East and Africa , Orange Business Services , said AI offers a huge landscape of opportunity for enterprises to transform the customer experience , build better business processes , and increase digital resilience ( AIOps and AI for cyber defence ). need both , as they work together across a multitude of different use-cases with differing requirements .”
Kanary added : “ As we look forward to what ’ s yet to come in 2022 and beyond , we see the opportunity to leverage the network to improve organisations , so we need to drive more business outcomes by reducing costs and increasing efficiency with a focus on improved health and safety as well as a better customer and employee experience .”
Moussalam Dalati , General Manager , Liferay Middle East , said : “ Companies will keep looking for the technologies that help them quickly adapt its digital channels to changing demands from customers , dealers , partners and employees , while also advancing in digitising operations . With regards to technologies for digital experiences , for example , in 2022 companies will look for the tools and features
Azzam said underpinning all this is effective data management . “ In 2022 , we will see enterprises trying to balance and blend the engagement and use of AI and human talent , to create competitive advantage . AI is already becoming embedded in processes – AIOps ( AI for IT operations ) is essential to automate the identification and resolution of IT system problems and analyse data at scale in the era of digital dependency .”
Pieter Bensch , Executive Vice President , Africa and Middle East , Sage , said “ AI and Machine Learning are already all around us , whether it ’ s talking to Siri on your iPhone , using facial recognition to unlock your phone , or watching a series recommended by Netflix . In 2022 , we can expect AI to become more accessible to small and mid-sized enterprises and see more companies work to automate back-office processes . For example , we ’ ll start to see the adoption of AI for continuous accounting , AI providing CFOs with real-time , complete , up-to-date information about the performance of the business . Automated technologies will help scrub and review data , feeding systems with accurate information in real-time ,” he said .
Prenesh Padayachee , Group Chief Digital Officer , SEACOM , added that : “ I think no matter which new technologies arise , it is always more important to understand the basics of where your processes are today , and then to optimise those processes before you adopt new technology or digitise them . There ’ s no point digitising an inefficient process because you ’ re just doing the same inefficient thing digitally . Many businesses jump into their digitisation journey or adopt new technology without figuring out first what they are trying to accomplish .”
With some of the biggest challenges that organisations are finding being a lack of skills and talent , CIOs and the IT industry has to develop plans that go wider and deeper to tackle the skills challenge .
Nasri Nassereddine , Regional Director Government , Energy and Utilities , Software AG , said CIOs need to build a team with adjacent skills to develop faster learning and sharing habits . “ CIOs should really focus on those talented people who wish to be in
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