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innovate and grow its products and services and keep pace with the industry it operates within , and therefore it would be beneficial for CIOs to invest in research and engage with their stakeholders to understand the technologies which will pave the path for organisational success ,” Amin said .
Given the disruption to business over the last two years , CIOs are being urged to prioritise certain initiatives to help their organisations emerge stronger from the challenges over the last couple of years .
Mandy Duncan , Country Manager , Aruba South Africa , said one area that will see tech put to best use in a transformed business is a digitally strong workforce . “ It stands to reason that a big focus area for many CIOs will be on human capital : it will be about strengthening existing IT skills through ongoing staff training and securing new skilled IT hires ,” she said . “ A second focus area will be on cybersecurity . This will ensure Business Continuity and stability after a tumultuous two years of business disruption , in which criminals took advantage of hasty Digital Transformations .”
Azz-Eddine Mansouri , General Manager , Sales , Ciena Middle East , said Investment in the underlying infrastructure will be a key focus for the industry and the priority for CIOs in 2022 . “ While organisations and consumers alike can have 5G , which promises greater speeds and low latency , this is still relying on the wireline network to fulfil the promise . Hence , it is time to scale this up . We will see a stronger focus on trying to improve connectivity in the underserved areas to overcome the digital divide ,” he said .
Ehab Kanary , CommScope Infrastructure EMEA , Emerging Markets Sales VP , said : “ When we talk about new technologies , we need to think about the latest emerging and next-generation technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 . This leads to a common question around which technology should be adopted – 5G or Wi-Fi 6 ? But why should you solely choose one of the technologies and lock yourself in when you can have a convergence between both ? These wireless and Wi-Fi networks are complementary and many enterprises will
Mohammed Amin , Senior Vice President – MERAT , Dell Technologies
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