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iiDENTIFii wins ‘ Best Enterprise Solution ’ at MTN App of the Year awards 2021

Currently in its tenth year , the MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2021 , awarded South African technology company , iiDENTIFii , the “ Best Enterprise Solution ” for its biometric digital authentication and automated onboarding solution . Speaking on the sidelines of the awards , Lance Fanaroff , Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer , iiDENTIFii , said iiDENTIFii feels honoured to win after entering the awards for the very first time .

“ It was humbling to see iiDENTIFii in such an impressive line-up . We were happy to be a finalist , so winning was just an incredible feeling . The past three years have been exhilarating as we worked to develop what is now one of the world ’ s leading digital authentication and onboarding solutions . The credibility gained from this award is almost priceless and will greatly assist us to further implement our growth across the African continent ,” said Fanaroff .
The rigorous process of the MTN Business App of the Year competition was a valuable opportunity for iiDENTIFii to revisit and perfect its market offering .
“ As an entrant we were expected to deliver significant content , including a demo app , as well as participate in panel interviews . All of this was within a tight timeframe and certainly challenged us to produce our best responses . It was also a great opportunity to be measured against our peers and be awarded for what others also believe to be a game-changing solution ,” he said .
Fanaroff explained that iiDENTIFii offers an end-to-end digital authentication that delivers in under thirty seconds and meets the highest standards of security and data protection . “ While it is technically complex , the solution simply assures that an individual is a real person and present at the time of transaction or verification , and that the person ’ s online identity , in a digital world , is who the person claims to be . In essence , we wanted to make sure we could offer a secure and user-friendly technology platform that authenticates physical identities in a connected world . iiDENTIFii strives to be a trusted partner for businesses when it comes to remote biometric identity authentication ,” he said . “ It is very relevant in a world that is almost dominated by digitalisation : “ It is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the role of digital solutions , almost forcing businesses of all types to conduct business online . With the exponentially increasing online digital penetration almost all businesses need solutions that minimise their risk and make online business models convenient and safe to use .”
Fanaroff said the award will assist the company to not only extend its footprint , but to also increase its scale and traction with clients , while working tirelessly to ensure the solution remains relevant and is constantly improved and updated , retaining the high standards that the company is known to achieve . p
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