Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 52

PRIORY HOSPITALITY Revitalizes Pittsburgh’s Legacy of Historic Buildings By Cori Wamsley N estled in Pittsburgh, Pa’s North Shore are the beautiful, award-winning 42-guestroom Priory Hotel and the adjacent Grand Hall event facility. These spaces are not only lovely, but also historic. They are in the former St. Mary’s Church and Priory, built in 1852 and 1888 respectively, and are part of the Priory Hospitality Group, a lodging and food service company owned by John and Suzanne Graf. The couple invests in historic and unique locations in the Pittsburgh area and already boasts several gems. In 2005, Priory Hospitality expanded by purchasing an acclaimed commercial and retail bakery with sand- wich and coffee shop—Priory Fine Pastries located in Deutschtown. The bakery serves its customers in the original D. L. Clark Candy building on East Ohio Street, built in 1903. Built in 1890, the vacant Westinghouse Air Brake Company General Office Building—known as “The Castle”—in Wilmerding joined their roster in 2016. The Grafs hope to convert the 50,000 square foot building into a destination, resort-style boutique hotel, event facility, and restaurant and are seeking investors for the restoration. Once the Gilded Age mansion of prominent lawyer Willis McCook, the 22-guestroom Mansions on Fifth Hotel in Shadyside now hosts overnight guests as well as parties, weddings, and other celebrations. The Grafs ac- 52 INSPIRING LIVES SPRING 2017 quired this property in 2016, as well, and are especially proud of the property’s Oak Room pub. “It reminds you of a private club in the heart of London,” John said. Priory Hospitality and its partners are considering several projects in Pittsburgh’s North Side for the near future. They are planning a new 96-guestroom Comfort Inn and Suites Hotel in East Deutschtown adjacent to the former Workingman’s Ba 'VFr'VB"v6FWv&VfFRFRv&v( 2&氦'VFr2FW&W7Fr7F'6R6W'fr2FW&FfR6&6W&F76Rf"F6R6f7FVBbЦ6&VFVB7&֖ffV6W2gFW"&VfFBv6W'fR2VVvBWfVBf6ƗGvF'&WwV"@&W7FW&B6FVBFRFf"FR'&WwV.( 2&`FV6vfVGW&R7V7F7V"fWrbFvFv@FR7G&F7G&7Bw&b6BFBWfW'R2W6FVB&WBFRWFF 76Rf"FR'&WwV"'WBFWv&R( &vv'FR&VWB76R( FRGv7F'&֗6W2F&R6766ǒ7GVrvF&&Rv2B6V2&Ff6ƗFW2&R6FVBFV'V&ǒ7VW"#f"&Rf&FFRW7Frf6ƗFW2V6Rf6BFRvV'6FW3FW&'6GG6'W&v6w&F6"&'fW7G&W26