Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 37

The Value of Human Connection in Leadership By Deb Gray I n Pittsburgh, Pa., the “City of Champions,” we hear a lot about team. While managing my office team, and coordinating care for my elderly parents, I have learned that success depends on teamwork. What makes a good team? How do you motivate a team? What are the challenges and rewards of develop- ing and leading teams? In my early retail career, I focused on accomplishing tasks—how much work I could get done—working harder and longer than others. I gradually learned it was not all about me, but about those who worked with me. As I managed and guided construction teams across the country, I learned about different communication styles and about the individuals who made up our team of 45. I truly had to understand “them” to help “us” achieve common goals. I can honestly say it was an on- going effort to keep all of us focused on our customers, co-workers, and the completion of projects. I was crit- icized for being hard-nosed in a mostly male world. I w ́е͕ٕ䁑ɕЁ䁍չѥ屔)ЁѥЁݥѠɹ)Ё݅ɐѼܰݡ$Ʌ͔)ݹȁɕ́嵕ЁAɽ̸ͥMѥ)٥Յ́ݡݽձЁݽɬѡݡ)͡ɔͥȁ͕٥ѡ́ѡɽ՝)Ёչѥ́݅́ɥѥ9ܰ䁵䁅)Ս́ݕɔѡ䁹܁ͥ)ݹ̰$ͽɕ̸)]Ё$ɸ(ĸeԁЁ܁ѡݡͽ(ȸeԁЁɔЁѡݡЁѡ݅)(̸eԁЁЁѡȁ́ɅѼѡ)ͥ́)Qɽ՝ɕϊd1͡䰁$Դ)єѼٔ́Ѽ͡Ʌ=)́́ձɔչхݥѠչ)ѥѡݕЁəɵ)5䁅ɽѼхٕЁ܁͕́)٥ͥձɔمՕ̰хѥ̰ٕа)ѥս́ɹ)$ٔɹѡЁ䁉ͥ́́)٥ՅéٕɅٕЁ́ݕ́܁ѡ)ɥєѼ䁝̸$Ёչхѡ)ѥمѽ̰͡܁ɅѥՑɽ٥ɕ݅ɑ̰ѥа)ѕɅєم她ͽѥ́ȁ͕́ȴ)Ѽȁѽ̸)$ٔɹѼ́ɕѕѥٕ́ɕեѥ)ɹٕȸQɕхѕͥٔѕ)$Ё݅́ѡ䁅ͥݥѡ)ȁ́ѡɅ٥ȸ$)ЁɥٔѼЁȁѕQ)ݡɔͥ)ѡϊQѼ)չхѡ)́ݡ)х)ݽɭ)ȸ)=䁑)́́Ѽ)ѕ́ɽ)ɽͥ䰁)䰁ͽ)́ѡ䁝ɽܰͼ)́ѡȁ)ѡȁͥ)Ʌ)͕٥ȁͥ)́ݡݽɭ́ȁѕ́ݡ)Ѽݽɬ$͕Ё́ɽѡЁٕ)յѥݥѠѕ́́)ѼՍ̸)Aɽͥ) UM%9ML)Ʌ䰁ݹȁѡ݅ɐݥA͉ɝ])ɕ́嵕ЁAɽ̰ͥ́ѥٔ)ͥ́ȁѡɕչ䁅ɽՐ)ѕȁ䁱ɥѥ́ՍѥѤ)ѥ̸)MAI%9)%9MA%I%91%YL(