INSpiREzine Mandalas! | Page 2

In researching mandalas for this issue, I came across many mathematical explanations and even more artistic applications.

I learned, however, that mandalas are much more than just complex circular designs created with artistic symmetry. That a mandala is, in fact, a metaphor for the Universe and all of its beautiful interconnections. That generations of cultures across the world and across the years have created mandalas as expressions of their place in the cosmos.

Whether you are intrigued by the symbolism, appreciate the science, or simply adore the artistry, it is clear that mandalas are all very much uniquely INSpiRING.

I like math AND I like art. People always want to know if I am going to be a scientist or an artist. I still have not decided. Maybe one or the other, neither or both...

I hope you enjoy this issue of INSpiREzine!

- Rowan