INSpiREzine Making Waves | Page 3

"Don't worry if you're making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time."

- Scott Stabile

Waves in the ocean, in constant motion, swirling across the globe.

Travelling steadily, day and night,

journeying thousands of miles to places in your mind’s imagination.

Giving you cause to pause and to reflect.

To embrace the sensation of the cold ripples that wash over your feet as you rest them for a moment in the water.

To savour the salty scent of the air that surrounds you and to hear the harmony of the birds that call in the distance.

And to imagine that somewhere in the world there are possibly many someones,

so very similar to you, yet so very different,

who may have been touched by the same waves that are now rolling over you.

I like math and I like art.

People always want to know if I am going to be a scientist or an artist.

I still have not decided. Maybe one or the other, neither or both...

I hope you enjoy this issue of INSpiREzine!

- Rowan