Inspired May IV - Page 4

LETTER Letter from the Publisher It’s May, it’s Spring and Inspired magazine is proud to announce our fourth consecutive magazine! Thanks to all who have contributed and supported our efforts To Inspire Kids. We continue to gain momentum and support of Inspired Magazine and Inspired Kids and we are blessed that so many love the idea of a magazine written 100% by Kids. Please spread the word to all the Kids you know that their work can be published, as well as all organizations who serve Kids that their Kids can be published. As a reminder, Inspired Kids and Inspired Magazine are nonprofits and we appreciate your financial support as we continue our first year. We are raising money as a traditional nonprofit as well as selling very limited ad space to support our cause. From June until next February we are selling ads in Inspired, seven only, for 50% off our rate card and we continue to provide complimentary advertising to other nonprofits and organizations doing amazing things with Kids. Our goals include letting you our readers, know about these amazing organizations and the amazing things they are doing To Inspire Kids. We are also introducing our Community Pages, where a select amount of organizations who support Kids have the opportunity to share their work with Kids in pages for the many communities that make up Indianapolis. Community Page listing are nonprofit contributions to Inspired and we appreciate the support, and the work done by our Community Partners. Enjoy May, with our feature of the amazing work done by Kids to help other Kids in South Africa, as well as more amazing art, poetry, writing and more. 4 Inspired