Inspired May IV - Page 19

WRITING “Hey, Sokron, I’d never seen you wearing pants. Aren’t you going to hang upside down with me, or is it a new style, or are you’re still in your PJs? Huh?” Sokron looked down at her legs and screamed, “AAHH! I need to go to the restroom immediately!” She ran out of the room like a jet bullet. When Sokron came back to her friends, she said, “It’s so good that nobody else noticed that I had my pajamas on.” “Let’s go, girls,” Meeka said. Meeka, Nina, Jonsy, and Sokron grabbed hands and all ran toward Sokron’s house on Wave Street. As they arrived at Sokron’s house, they zoomed to her room that was filled with bright pink and red roses all over the place, on the floor, ceiling, and walls. In addition, the room had two-daisy-shaped windows, and in the middle of the room hung a beautiful, sparkling, medium sized chandelier. Express Yourself 19