Inspired May IV - Page 18

WRITING Start of Summer Illustrations and Story by Natalie, 13 7th Grade Orange County School of Arts, Visual Art Conservator Temecula, CA Beachwell Elementary School is like a jungle with an extremely large playground full of all kinds of slides, swings, see-saws, bars, and even a rock climbing wall surrounded with yellow and pink poppies. It was almost the end of the last day of school, a free-uniform day. All students, except Sokron, were ready to hear the final announcement from the school Principal. “Could you be quiet Nina, you are so loud!” Meeka frowned. Nina then sighed and said, “Sounds like there are a lot of rules in the world.” “Hey, where’s Sokron?” Jonsy wondered. “Coming!” Sokron shouted as she ran into the classroom. “Everyone be quiet. All of us, teachers and staff, are excited about our summer vacation, but you students, have lots and lots of homework that needs to be done during the summer break to prepare for the coming school year,” the Princeapple (as students “I totally forgot about school, I thought it was already summer vacation! Am I late?” Sokron said as she went to her seat and sat down. called him) jokingly laughed over the loud speaker. “What was that?” Sokron shockingly asked. “Great! I love homework. And there’s 81% of H2O in the air,” Meeka, the science lover, smiled as she looked at her hygrometer watch. Jonsy, the feeler, felt super boooooored. Nina mumbled to herself, “Why is he always giving us extra work? I guess he does not like children. Maybe we are too noisy, that’s what my dad always says.” 18 Inspired “You would have been, if you came one second later,” Meeka smiled. Ding, ding, ding. “Um, the bell, duh,” Jonsy stated, which was obvious. mumbled. “I didn’t know I was THAT late,” Sokron “Come on, school’s over!” yelled Nina. Still in the classroom, Jonsy turned to Sokron and gave her a wondering look.