Inspired Magazine Issue 2 | Page 2

Thank you for taking a look at Issue 2 of Inspired Magazine.

As usual we promote the photographs which have captured the spirit of a movement in time. These are pictures of ordinary people and the way they interact with the world around them.

It is our world. Our retro world and the following is profoundly nostalgic.

This is our platform, these are the people who inspire me every day to pick up the camera....

Photographs by Michelle Hatcher

Michelle Hatcher Copywright 2014.

The Vintage Girlie Productions 2014.


Hemsby - the world of the rock and roll weekender.

Bearing the strain - how the creative art of the inspired world touches a community of young artists.

Making it right - the insightful look of the world through eyes.

As Summer closes and Autumn draws near, I look back on the events that captured the sinking sun where the night comes alive.