INSPIRE Third Edition: June 2020 - Page 10


Check your packaging

Doing this with what you already buy is another way to identify potential areas for quick and easy improvement; for example, if you normally buy tomato puree in the foil tubes, why not try a small tin or glass jar instead? The latter is reusable or recyclable where the tube is not. Once open, divide the contents into an ice cube tray and freeze for later use to avoid it going off. Then, why not pop a little plant in the tin or jar to reuse!

Shampoo, soap, conditioner and moisturiser are all widely available in bar form nowadays and are also handy for travelling by reducing your liquids. Plus, some last much longer than their liquid counterparts!

A bit of friendly advice

There’s a lot I could talk about as you can probably tell, but I’ll leave you with this final note and some lessons I’ve learned in my journey so far:

● Research is key. There’s a plethora of eco-info online and on various social media platforms, a Google search is all you need to gather ideas. Some of my favourite resources include The Guardian, Zanna Van Dijk and BBC Earth.

● Using your voice is equally valuable if you’re unable to make some of the sacrifices associated with waste and plastic reduction. Talk to others about the issue, ask businesses what they’re doing to reduce plastic in their practises, even asking for no plastic packaging to be used in the delivery notes of an online order can help to spread the word and make others think.

● Be prepared by bringing your own containers or bags.

● You can’t do everything. Progress not perfection. Just do what you can, for now, and take things slowly in order to make any changes you do make more sustainable in the long term. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up or find it difficult.

Good luck friends, it’s a crazy world out there but I truly believe that from small ripples can come mighty waves.

Charlie x

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