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With gratitude and blessings always , Johnny
So what is the Genius Zone ? Here is where Curiosity turns chaos into peace . Clarity produces a Creative mindset . Courage initiates action with quiet Confidence . Living in the moment allows the celebration of successes as they occur . We are flowing with life ’ s rhythm with optimized social-emotional intelligence skills . The perpetual synergy of Success , Harmony , and Joy inspires us to continue to Dream , Achieve , and Become . We are now living in the Sweet Spot of Life !
My German mom Dianne believes education is always a part of our life ’ s journey . When we open our minds and accept that we do not know it all and never will , we are positioning ourselves to be ready to learn something new to add to our knowledge bank . When we are equipped with the correct information , we will actually attract Success and Joy ! Embracing this concept and logic gives us a competitive edge in all areas of our lives .
Sometimes things may not work out as planned because the timing is off . If we have given our best , we should release it to the universe to be sorted out . It is the essence of the power of positive thinking ; talking ourselves into confronting and overcoming our fears strengthens our overall being , which moves us to the next level of personal excellence . We will also learn something new about ourselves by imparting life ’ s lessons to others . I have learned over the years until we try to share and teach someone else , we usually do not even realize that we have all the knowledge that is readily available from within us .
Regrouping , refocusing , and relaunching are not as difficult as one might think . Some of us are gifted with a proactive mindset . Others need a little encouragement and guidance . Living in our Genius Zone begins with accepting and respecting the past as a classroom for lessons learned . The most difficult challenges are often blessings in disguise . They give us opportunities to go within to find our innate strength and light . When we are no longer afraid to change our minds , admitting mistakes rather than standing firm on an ill-informed decision , we show maturity , intelligence , and character . We are now primed to engage the present moment to create the future we long envision and desire .
Taking a leap of faith may be part of an action we have to make along the way . When we learn to empower ourselves to change how we look at things , we learn to know our inner selves . Realizing that our power is greater than the one outside , we are ready to change our situation . When positive changes come from the inside out , we are now performing in our Genius Zone !
Always remember that our past doesn ’ t define us . However , let it be a part of our beautiful future as we reset ourselves to pursue happiness , blessings , and abundance .

With gratitude and blessings always , Johnny

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