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A Genius Zone Touch

In Resetting Ourselves This Fall

Hello September ! Wow , as we in the northern hemisphere welcome Fall , our global neighbors in the southern hemisphere usher in their Spring season . Amazingly , regardless of which season you are experiencing , the good news is that Mother Earth is reminding us of the opportunity to prep and reset ourselves for the coming three months !
As kids are starting school , and some of us are preparing for another semester of college , the timing is perfect for us to take a quick but thorough look at all hits and misses we encountered over the last several months . If we use introspection as “ A Rear View Vision of the Opportunities and Possibilities Ahead ,” we are positioning ourselves to experience happy days in the near future !
In my experiential Genius Zone keynote speaking presentations and Genius Zone Workshops , I share with the audiences and participants how “ Resilience ” is about designing our life to live and perform in our Genius Zone ! They are always astonished and captivated when they learn they have their personalized Genius Zone waiting to be realized to help them live in their bubble of quiet Confidence and perform at their best selves !
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