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is the founder of SkyView Coaching . She is an international life , leadership , and relationship coach , speaker , writer , educator , and co-author of The Gift of Shift , an intimate self-help book . Ann is an Expert Contributor for YourTango Media and has been featured in MSN , Google , Yahoo , and Apple News . She has spoken at conferences , summits , and commemorations , both live and online , throughout North America . Ann captivates , educates , and inspires thousands through sharing her personal experiences of loss , transition , and triumph and helps them attain their personal and professional goals . Known among her friends as the go-to girl if you are experiencing problems , Ann could have started her own ‘ Dear Annie ’ column decades ago . Little did she know then that listening with empathy was an invaluable , innate skill that would become the foundation of her life ’ s work . Ann ’ s remarkable life journey and passion for family love are a hallmark we all must strive for . Ann returns with excellent empowering advice to help “ Tentative in Trussville ” and “ Sincere in Southlake ” with her advisory column , “ Dear Annie .” is our editor-in-chief extraordinaire ! At 73 years young , she has been a “ mother ” to hundreds of children during her 37 years as a Georgia Language Arts educator . Her teaching journey has taken her to Cairo , Egypt , where she started several language schools teaching ESOL . Randi is also an African animal advocate and environmentalist . She is an honorary president of World Peace Forest ( Africa ) and USA Regional Director for Africa Nomads Conservation . Her passion for life and humanity has earned her many awards and honors . Randi has recently received the IAOTP Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into their Hall of Fame . Her life ’ s philosophy is “ Believe ! Don ’ t dream big ; dream bigger ! The sky is the limit , so reach for the stars !” Randi has traveled to 60 countries on four continents . From one of her destinations came her memoir that encapsulated her view of what life is all about , Because I Believed In Me - My Egyptian Fantasy Came True . Today , Randi is a master editor and visionary book consultant . By the way , as a mother and forever teacher , she is making sure I am “ crossing my t ’ s and dotting my I ’ d ”… Ha , Ha , Ha !
CATHI CUREN is a Family Astrologer and Lifestyle Design Consultant and Career Coach , Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine GSEP , and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach . She has spent over 30 years researching family dynamics and how our early relationships and environments influence our lives . She specializes in Public and Corporate Education and Training in Career / Work- Life Balance and Relationships . As the “ Holistic Children Radio ” podcaster , Cathi provides techniques and tools to support families ’ emotional , spiritual , physical , financial , and environmental health . She is also the author of the original “ Me + U ” Interactive Journal Series , which helps parents , children , couples , and colleagues crack open communication in their unique way . As our Kitchen Table Conversations host , Cathi believes our homes should provide a living area that reflects our authenticity and a life lived on purpose . As we connect our inner-self with the outer world , our homes are the best venue to provide rest , restoration , revitalization , and support for our health and well-being . Cathi returns with an empowering story , “ Fall into Gratitude ,” reminding us of how full and abundant life is !
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