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KATHERINE JEGEDE is an award-winning leader in women ’ s empowerment and interfaith community building . She founded the women ’ s interfaith international grassroots organization S . A . R . A . H . ( The Spiritual And Religious Alliance for Hope ) the morning of 911 , an instinct to gather women of diverse faiths to protect all that they consider sacred . As President of S . A . R . A . H ., Sande is actively engaged in leadership in the peace , interfaith , compassion , indigenous peoples , community building , and women ’ s empowerment sectors . She founded and served as director for the international organization Charter For Compassion ’ s Women and Girls sector . Sande served as Chair for the United Religions Initiative for North America and serves on the Women ’ s Task Force for The Parliament of World ’ s Religions . She is also the Founder of Compassionate California , which recently became established into law as the first Compassionate State in the world by the governor ’ s office . Sande has conducted workshops and produced events in over seven countries , presented on panels in universities , global and local organizations , and city and state level institutions , including a historical project at a women ’ s prison . She offers keynote addresses and regularly presents on podcasts and social media webinar platforms . Sande ’ s completing and inspiring story , “ The Mother Bear of Invention ,” is perfect for our Bubble of Quiet Confidence section !
is a British-Nigerian author on personal empowerment and an award-winning television host . With a passion for revealing innate capabilities , she works with adults and children from various backgrounds , guiding them through developing their own highly effective competencies for unlimited success through emotional stability . Katherine is an independent researcher who has worked with the United Kingdom government looking at electorate disparities and political allegiances and has worked with the United Kingdom ’ s Metropolitan Police Service on fostering community cohesion . She has also worked with the internationally renowned peace-building organization CRIC and was contributing editor for the University of Oxford ’ s Faith and Modernity symposium , hosted at the United Kingdom ’ s House of Commons . Katherine currently works at The Open University , the United Kingdom ’ s largest academic institution , where part of her work involves supporting Ugandan Students through their Master of Science qualification in the field of International Development . She hosts a podcast for the university , is a member of the media steering group , and is currently studying law . She is married and lives with her family in Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire . I am honored to have Katherine taking time from her busy schedule to share her empowering story , “ Just Imagine ,” to premiere our brand new Global Village section !

Together as a team , we want to share with you our life experiences and leave a legacy of love !

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